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Wind Mitigations Inspections:  
How can they help you as a
on your buyers Home Owners Insurance. Some of
these discounts can be sizable.

What is a Wind Mitigation report?

When you are looking to purchase a home you will
more than likely choose Wind Storm Coverage for
your house. Wind Storm Coverage can be quite
expense especially for a home that is built before
2002. After 2002 the builders had to build to a
stricter level of construction which helped make
the home more impervious to high winds.
Insurance companies will provide discounts to the
buyer if the home meets some of those building
requirements. An inspection is needed of the
property to properly assess how the home is built.
What are some of the things a wind mitigation
inspection is looking for?
•        Style of the roof; Hip or gable
•        Age of the roof covering
•        Joist hold down devices
•        Wall construction
•        Opening protection

We discount all Wind Mitigation reports if they are conducted at
the time of the inspection. Many people have gotten
Home Inspection
" because of the discounts.