H2H inspectors are fully licensed & certified. Leasing or buying
commercial real estate can be a large investment so that is why
you need a professional company that
assures you get what
you paid for.

What does an H2H Commercial Inspection include?
  • Exterior grading, parking lot, sidewalk, lighting, siding, access &
  • Structural foundation, roof, downspouts & flashings
  • Electrical service panels, AFCI's, GFCI's, smoke detectors, outlets
    & wiring.
  • HVAC, gas meters, piping,exhaust systems, intakes, air make ups,
    cooling compressors & drains.
  • Plumbing, main shut offs., backflow valves, water heating
    equipment, bathrooms, waste systems, sump pumps, water supply
    & kitchens.
  • Attic, ventilation & insulation
  • Cooking area, exhaust systems, filters, ducts, fire extinguishers,
    shutoffs & appliances.
  • Commercial fire doors
  • Accessibility report for the handicapped
  • Life safety (e.g. sprinkler systems, fire alarms etc.