Why choose House 2 Home Inspection Services?

  •  Florida now requires a license for Home Inspection and Mold. This law was put in effect
    in early 2011. Up till then there was no regulation for either profession, so anyone could
    conduct Home Inspections and do Mold Assessments. Even the contractors who were
    fixing the problem. This obvious led to poor quality inspections and questionable Mold
    remediation work.

  • House 2 Home is Florida licensed in both categories, however we received our initial
    license in Illinois in 2005. We have gone through the rigorous requirements of one of the
    hardest states to get a license. We are also licensed to conduct WDO Termite
    Inspections. Home Inspection: HI-213; Mold: MRSA420 & WDO JE183802.

  • We do not stop there as we are continually going to licensed professional trades
    (electrician, HVAC, roofing, pool services etc. to update ourselves on new codes and

  • We also pride ourselves of having the most
 complete and extensive selection of diagnostic tools
 and equipment which we use on all our inspections.
 If you hire an inspector that comes to the inspection
 with an awl and a flash light -Look Out!

  • We also carry a Florida Real Estate License # SL3148456 & CAM License #CAM36072.
    Although we are not practicing real estate agents or property managers we do
    understand the business and as a license holder we are required to uphold a higher
    standard than many inspectors. This can help you understand many aspect of the home
    that may not have been explained to you like 4 point inspections or Wind Mitigations.
    One can save you a lot of money on the Home Owners Insurance policy if the house

  • H2H is also certified by Internachi (the largest inspection association in the nation)   
    Certification # NACI06081484                

Additional Certifications from Internachi:
   Commercial Properties       
   Interior Moisture
   Wind Mitigation
  4 Point Insurance inspections

  • H2H is also certified by FLIR (the world's leading supplier of infrared cameras)

  • H2H is also certified by: Environmental Services Association & the Indoor Environmental Air
    Quality Council for:
     Indoor Air Quality
     Allergen Screening

  • H2H is also certified by ITA to perform inspections for:   
    Pool & Spa
    New Construction
    Advanced Electrical

You need only make for all your needs

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